San Dao arises from the 20 year experience of it’s 3 teachers who explored different disciplines ranging from chinese Kung Fu to japanese sword arts, from Zen meditation to fighting sports.
They aquired the techniques of these disciplines directly from the sources enhancing the practice of traditional Kung Fu and offering a contemporary and concrete point of view.


“I have always practiced martial arts since the age of 10. At the age of twelve, I enrolled in the traditional Chinese Kung Fu school Kwoon Kung Fu Wu Yinsu …”

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“Wing Chun and Kung Fu teacher, twenty years experience in Martial Arts, deepened with different martial competitions and constant trips to Hong Kong …”

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“In Thailand I have perfected the training methods of the Thai Boxing and in Hong Kong those of the Hung Gar …”

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Silvano Bosso

“I firmly believe in Martial Arts philosophy, which is capable of shape individuals both in the physical-martial aspect and in the mental one.”

Lorenzo Vitale

“By teaching martial arts I understood the importance of fighting methods although, what I try to convey to every student, is the discipline and respect for other people. Without these principles, knowing how to fight doesn’t mean much.”

Alessio Bocchi

He follows the school for over ten years, holds courses for children
and teenagers in the Milan Lotto and Sesto San Giovanni schools.

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