Isaia Antonaci, San Dao Kung Fu Association , teaches individual classes in Kung Fu/Wing Chun/Self Defense to whomever wishes to  learn and delve into technical features that lead to the most fitting expression of the body, even in moments of stress. Upon classes, the following activities will be carried out by request:

  • Postural and technical training: the teaching of simple and direct techniques whose efficiency is set by a correct position upon movement. Exercises do not require a specific body shape, in fact they’re meant to develop the awareness of one’s own body.
  • Timing and space: study of multiple kinds of timing during intervention upon action, which allows to anticipate and stop the opponent. The work on space, on the other hand, deals with how to move in every context, by limiting and suffocating the opponent’s intent to attack, closing in on the distance.
  • Sparring: defense on  attacks (arms, legs, grabs) with instant resolutions, by applying little effort and timing, that are useful not only for self defense, but also for combat sports as well. Exercises are carried out bare-handed or with protection gear.
  • Focus on mind setting: psychological approach to use in a situation of stress or during training.

By request: Forms: practice of more traditional movements to develop coordination, breathing and the keeping of a correct tonicity and flexibility of the body.

Info.: +39 342 8086224

An example of our bare hand defense training. A proper mental state, connected to the correct movement, leads the opponent into passive, passing us first as attackers. The principle of defense on which we work is that of “active defense”, is based on the concept of “attacking the attack”. In the video it may seem that our partner does not try to hit, this happens because the closure of the distance precludes the intention and suffocates the space of action (on all techniques, kicking fists and jacks). Even here physical performance is not relevant, and the action does not generate stress in our body, being a technique based on the traditional concepts of kung Fu.

Training on Forms: study of the motion and balance of the body, learning to generate elasticity and power in the movements both by hand and with single objects, double, short, medium and long. Practice that keeps us reactive and tonic, increasing our body perception.

A brief idea of Sparring, realized during a training session. The principle of this method is based on counterattack, seeking timely action on the movement of our opponent, closing the distance and hitting him in fluency. Physical posture and mental state: ready to move freely from the patterns so as not to generate tensions that slow down the movement of the body or be influenced by our opponent. This Sparring setting does not require special physical performance or “breath”.

Isaia Antonaci is Si Fu (Master’s title) at Wing Chun Basement and Co-Founder of San Dao Kung Fu Association. Twenty-year experience in the Martial Arts, deepened with constant trips to Hong Kong and martial competitions.

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