Traditional Kung Fu 功夫 gives access to an intimate moment of self-listening and awareness of one’s own body and its mechanics, in order to achieve a correct posture and also the necessary balance to unleash power and agility in every move. The forms that are practiced during training allow to keep the body in a tonic and reactive condition, to link the mind to the body and to achieve a full awareness of the immediate  surroundings. The sequences of moves in the forms are listening key points that require understanding in each and every mechanic, and not preconceived techniques to be applied consecutively in combat.

In the video the actions’ input comes from the pelvis;  the arms and the legs follow and the focus is on the posture and the barycenter. Thus, the moves become fluid and relaxed, the hits flow like whips that fall heavily, while the body is in a state of perpetual charge. There are also movements with the  Ta Kwan  (大棍 – long staff) and the Wu Dip Seong Tou   (蝴蝶雙刀 – double butterfly blades) traditional Chinese weapons.  The teaching is not addressed to traing with one or more weapons, but to channeling the energy in the object that is being handled, whichever it may be.

article by Isaia Antonaci: Si Fu at the Wing Chun Basement and co-founder of the San Dao Kung Fu Association.
Twenty-year experience in martial arts in-depth with constant travel to Hong Kong and martial competitions.

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