Chi Sao 黐手 is an exercise which is typical of the Kung Fu style known as Wing Chun 詠春 (o Ving Tzun), and it’s been conceived with the goal of controlling, deviating or closing the opponent’s blows, by excluding force in handling any contact that has occurred during the action of a fight. The principles of this exercise are essential for the defence during a struggle (grappling), for learning to free our body from every motion that could close in our space, reacting independently and by using any kind of blow. Furthermore, it is  a good tool for analysing our posture, the perception of our moves and also our instinctive reactivity (or response). In these videos we introduce free and untraditional training sessions, where we apply the principles of Chi Sao as a response to some fighting moves.  The purpose is to use such notions regardless of any fighting style. 

article by Isaia Antonaci: Si Fu at the Wing Chun Basement and co-founder of the San Dao Kung Fu Association.
Twenty-year experience in martial arts in-depth with constant travel to Hong Kong and martial competitions.

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